Beyond Big Data 2020

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TeraSwitch is proud to be a sponsor of Pittsburgh’s best AI/Machine Learning Summit!

Your machine learning algorithm.
On steroids.

You need access to computational power more than ever. Our cloud gives you instant access to powerful GPU instances for machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads.

GPU Cloud Computing

TeraSwitch's cloud is powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs and AMD CPUs, complete with a modern REST API for seamless workload automation. Perfect for any ML/AI workload. Our stock of available GPUs includes NVIDIA K80, V100, and T4 series cards.

Our cloud was designed with scalability in mind. Utilizing OpenStack, we are able to provide an extensive platform that integrates with existing cloud technologies, such as EC2-Compatabile APIs, and S3 object storage.

The TeraSwitch cloud isn't just restricted to a single datacenter. We have multiple locations across the US, with configurable availability zones, to ensure your compute resources are always available, anywhere.

Why TeraSwitch?


You don’t have to worry about downtime.

TeraSwitch already engineered a fault tolerant environment for your workloads. With completely redundant network designs and dual power systems, our cloud availability zones already absolve you of so many IT worries.

Unbeatable Support

Stop waiting in line. Seriously.

Any time you have a question, you’ll be talking directly to an engineer on our team.

We take the time to get to know all of our customers, so you’ll always have personalized support.

Local Connectivity

We can bring fiber to your office, giving you 10gbps+ access to your cloud resources for a fraction of the cost of AWS or Azure direct connections.

As the founder of the Pittsburgh Internet Exchange, all users of the TeraSwitch platform enjoy direct and low-latency connections to universities, internet service providers, and companies in the region.

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