High-density colo with unparalleled performance, connectivity, and cloud integration flexibility.

Colocation is a physical hosting service that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host your infrastructure. This scales from single servers to cabinets, to entire cages or private suites. Whatever you have, we can support it. Edited.

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Rack Space
Rack Type
Rack Security
A+B Power Capable
Backup Generator
UPS Battery Power
DC Power Capable
Networking Available
Uplink Diversity Available
BGP Routing

A+B Power Redundancy

Rest assured your systems will never go offline due to a power issue. Redundant A+B power feeds available, with separate Generators and UPS units independently suppling each feed. We pride ourselves with absolutely no single points of failure.

Secure Facility

You no longer need to keep your servers locked in a closet, our facility is way more secure. Multi-factor security with biometrics to access the room, and security cameras to watch those who do.

Any Network Requirements - Matched

Wether you bring your own ASN and BGP router, or you're just looking to plug in your Raspberry Pi and get a static IP - our network team can quickly and easily connect you.

Not just connected, but directly connected.

Connect to the internet with one hop to the largest Internet backbones in the world. Additionally, our local connectivity options allow you to reach your HQ or office locations with blazing speeds.

Remote Hands

Simple tasks are always free, but you can rely on TeraSwitch for on-site support and engineering as needed. We can do replacements, rack and stacks, or even entire builds and deployments.

Stop worrying, start saving.

We handle all maintenance of the facility. You'll never have to worry about the life of your UPS unit batteries or if the roof will leak on a valuable server. Our roof costs more than a house.

Flexible and Scalable

Cloud Compatible

Colocation doesn't have to be replaced by or isolated from Cloud resources. With TeraSwitch, we allow you to merge services with blazingly fast connectivity - for free.

Scale at any time

Wether you need more power or even additional space, TeraSwitch can quickly get you what you need. We always have capacity waiting.

Custom Solutions

We're no stranger to unique situations, our engineers can solve any colocation requirement with a perfect solution at unbeatable prices.

High Density

TeraSwitch offers the highest density colocation on the market. You no longer need to waste unpowerable space in your racks.

Assured Satisfaction

We're so confident you'll like our service, we'll give you a 30-day worry free guarantee.

Compliant and Audited

Our facilities are compliant with all your security needs. HIPAA, PCI, and more.