Our Mission

Our Facility. Your Data Center.

It’s as simple as that. We provide our cutting edge facilities to execute your optimized data center.

Collaborative Culture

Teraswitch dedicates to working together as team members, strategic partners, and innovators. As a team we work together in a fast-paced Agile environment. Brainstorming sessions are quickly executed into working test environments into finalized products based on our client needs. We partner with numerous organizations to cofunction and coproduce new products to compete with the ever-innovating market.

Organic Growth

Privately owned. Privately funded. At Teraswitch, we prides ourselves on the natural organic growth we have achieved. No acquisitions. No mergers. Just hard work, innovation, and dedication to our clients and partners to provide the latest technology that best serves their needs.


The Future

The future of Teraswitch lies in the same direction it always has, infrastructure. From virtual machines to the cloud, these technologies still have a physical foundation. Our future lies in that foundation in higher capacity, technology, and compliance.