Denial of Service Mitigation

The TeraSwitch network is built to weather attacks and filter traffic before it gets to your assets.

A Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack is one where a large number of compromised computer systems attack a single network connected target. This widespread network based attack floods the target’s network infrastructure and, as a result, denies service to legitimate users.

Let our network and experience shield you.

24/7 Monitored and Automated

TeraSwitch entrusts multiple DDoS detection platforms for lightning fast detection and alerting of inbound and outbound DDoS attacks. Our attack reports have exhaustive information on who is being attacked and how.

Stopped at the Edge

Building on our service provider scale Juniper network, TeraSwitch uses BGP Flowspec to propagate traffic rules to all our edge routers. Our team of network engineers can quickly and accurately work to mitigate volumetric attacks.

How our service operates

TeraSwitch works closely with our customers during network attacks. We keep you up to date and let you decide how you’d like to proceed with mitigation strategies.