OpenStack Cloud

Use the resources you need when you need them. Get all the beniefts of our massive infrastructure at a fractional costs.

TeraSwitch Cloud services meet the fine-tuned demands of any application. Achieve resiliency, scalability, and security requirements without sacrificing speed and power. Our public cloud servers are ready to use in seconds, even if you need one or 1000 machines.

Custom cloud solutions are always possible to bring your ideas to reality. Our cloud engineers are ready to build anything.

Get Ready To Stack.

Coming in Q1 2019, TeraSwitch launches Pittsburgh's first local OpenStack cluster.

Affordable and Scalable

OpenStack Cloud

  • OpenStack Cloud Platform
  • Over-Built and Under-Utilized
  • SSD backed Ceph storage
  • SSD + HDD backed Block Storage
  • Backup with Snapshots and Disk images
  • Unrivaled Networking redundant and bottle-neck free.
  • Any OS Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and more!
  • Deploy in seconds VMs are just moments away.
  • Full VM control See the console, boot from ISOs.

Starting from ~$5/mo

No Multi-Tentancy

Private OpenStack

  • OpenStack Platform
  • Same features as public
  • No Multi-Tenancy
  • Private Networking
  • Custom Hardware
  • Compliant for all audits.
  • Support by TeraSwitch
  • Complete Control

Starting from ~$1300/mo

Affordable Resources and Connectivity


Reliable and Resiliant

All cloud servers are built with risk-mitigation in mind. From power to networking, our designs are built to hitlessly mitigate a failure, route around it, or migrate to a healthy location.

Build on TeraSwitch Experience

We've learned a lot from our years of data center and hosting experience - our cloud is the collection of all our solutions in one simple platform.

Automated OS Installs

Automatically install various Operating Systems from Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and others. If you need a custom install, our platform can make it happen.

Performance Optimized

Our cloud servers are built with speed and performance in mind. We use the best combinations of RAM:CPU ratios to ensure all users get their expected performance.

Complete Control

TeraSwitch exposes everything about your virtual machines to you. If you need to log directly into the console to fix a service issue, you have the access you need.

TeraSwitch Compatible

Merge Cloud resources with your existing Bare Metal, Colocation, or Connectivity options from TeraSwitch. Network cross-connects and integrations are always FREE.

Flexible Pricing

We bill you hourly for public cloud resources. On your invoice date, we’ll send you a total amount of all hourly usage for the month.

Stop investing in buying servers or yearly contracts on resources – you can add or remove TeraSwitch Cloud resources and see the cost adjustment within an hour.

Low Cost Reliability

TeraSwitch builds everything so that our customers and our support team never have to worry about a failure. Resiliency is automated and always ready to take over.

  • A+B Power to each network and host node.
  • Over 80gbps of networking capacity to each node.
  • Redundant network design with multi-path storage.
  • Automated DDoS detection and mitigation.
  • All this reliability is built in to our capacity. It's no extra cost.

Enterprise Vendors

TeraSwitch only uses the best enterprise hardware platforms for our cloud servers. We're able to reduce the number of failure events by using a good baseline of hardware, even though our service will quickly migrate around any larger issue.

Complete Networking

Built on the latest Juniper Hardware, our enterprise service provider network is built to handle the good days and the bad. We reroute around issues and have plenty of capacity for your growth.

Full Integration with Teraswitch

If you're a colocation customer, or looking to bring hardware devices into your cloud environment - TeraSwitch specializing in merging solutions quickly and easily.

For example, you can easily bring your hardware firewalls to sit in front of your cloud servers for a custom layer of protection

Connect to the Cloud Affordably

Because of our feature-rich network and local focus, we're able to offer the ability of being directly connected to our cloud from anywhere. If you want a 10Gbps uplink to your cloud from your office building - we can, we've done it before!

Assured Satisfaction

We're so confident you'll like our service, we'll give you a 30-day worry free guarantee.

Compliant and Audited

Our facilities are compliant with all your security needs. HIPAA, PCI, and more.