Storage as a Service

Enterprise storage in byte sized chunks. Affordable and reliabile.

Enterprise storage solutions are a thing of the past. They were expensive, scalable only in chunks, and hard to manage.

TeraSwitch can offer you a better storage experience with no costly investment in hardware. Just use what you need.

Get Ready To Stack.

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Cloud & Enterprise

Flash Storage

$0.10/GB per month

Disaster Proof

Archival Storage

$10/TB per month

Enterprise Reliability at Cloud Scale


Reliable and Resiliant

Our storage platforms are built for one thing above all - reliability. Our performance is consistent and we mitigate all failures instantaneously.

Build on TeraSwitch Experience

We've learned a lot from our years of data center and hosting experience - our storage offers are what we use to offer all our Cloud Services and custom enterprise solutions.

Performance Optimized

All our storage servers are built to spec for getting the most performance. Our architecture further multiples this by the many servers spread out across our data centers.

TeraSwitch Compatible

Consume storage resources natively on our cloud platform or connect to your storage from our Bare-Metal products. If you colocate with us we can provide storage uplinks.

Flash Storage

The TeraSwitch Cloud platform is build on a high performance and highly-available distributed storage platform.

Our storage servers have many disks, our racks have many storage servers, and our data centers have many racks of storage. Our platform scales up in performance as it scales out in capacity.

Our network and storage system are built to handle the worst possible failures with no issues. With TeraSwitch you're not renting a small portion of an enterprise vendor's storage system, you're getting access to an entire storage platform.

Enterprise Integration

Stop worrying about investing in vendor storage solutions or having warranties or support contacts. TeraSwitch's platform can replace your entire SAN with ease, reduce your costs, and provide better and more scalable performance.

Object Storage

Compatible with the AWS S3 API standards, the TeraSwitch Object Storage platform allows both ease of upload and access of your data.

Our Object Storage platform is most commonly used for media hosting, CDN origin storage, file sharing, and backing storage for apps like Veeam, OwnCloud, NextCloud, or Acronis.

Data Based Pricing

We have no upload or download fees at all, we simply charge for disk space.

Archival Storage

Data protection and archival services can be costly and slow, but TeraSwitch has created a middle-of-the-road solution that will meet all your requirements and still offers ease of access.

Our archival storage is located in an Iron Mountain facility located deep underground. Safe from natural disasters and away from large population centers, the safety of your data is assured.

Using the standard S3 compatible API, integration with your application or workflow is easy.

No Special Pricing

Like our normal Object Storage service, we have no upload or download fees at all, we simply charge for disk space.

Assured Satisfaction

We're so confident you'll like our service, we'll give you a 30-day worry free guarantee.

Compliant and Audited

Our facilities are compliant with all your security needs. HIPAA, PCI, and more.