Public Cloud

Our cloud is a virtual environment designed for high performance and reliability with customizable resources. Gain instant access to all SSD storage and Intel-based hypervisors. Add or remove resources and see the price difference within the hour.

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Utilize single-tenant non-virtualized hardware on a monthly basis. Offering complete isolation and maximum performance when it matters most. Inventory servers available instantly - customized servers within 24 hours.

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From single servers to entire dedicated wholesale suites - TeraSwitch provides a secure, highly redundant, and well-connected facility. Achieve a cost-effective solution without giving up mission-critical requirements. Ready for move-in today.

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Our network is a highly redundant and efficient path to the Internet for your infrastructure. We connect your office or colocation environment with speeds beyond 10Gbps. TeraSwitch is your single-point-of-conection for having 5+ internet providers.

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Data Centers

Our facilities give you access to a coast-to-coast connectivity from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.

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