TeraSwitch Cloud

Pay for what you use, not what you may waste.

Stop investing in buying servers or yearly contracts on resources – you can add or remove TeraSwitch Cloud resources and see the cost adjustment within an hour.

From a single cloud server, to an entire data center’s worth of virtual machines, TeraSwitch’s cloud is ready to host your infrastructure.


Cloud Calculator

29 GB
CPU Cores
16 Core(s)
350 GB
12 IP(s)
370 GB
40 TB
$10.05/month *
*Based on a 720 hour month

Estimate your Cloud Savings

Our cloud cost algorithm estimates your new hourly or monthly costs with ease.

Just enter the resources for your cloud server and voila! Once you have your cost, you can sign-up and have your server spinning up within minutes.

You’re only billed for resources you use and we bill in hourly increments instead of monthly.

Only need a server for a few hours a month? You only need to pay for the hours of use.



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Instant Provisioning

Have your cloud servers online in less than 5 minutes.

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Windows
  • Custom OS options, too!

Knowledgable Support

Speak directly with our Cloud Engineers with any issues. The support you work with isn’t a basic help desk tech. You’ll have a direct contact to the highest level of support at TeraSwitch.


Our cloud can suffer significant hardware issues without any effect on your servers. Instead of having a single server you rely on, we ensure any failure is instantly recovered from.

SSD Storage

Don’t worry about delay – our storage platform is ready for low-latency and high-volume.

Networking Beyond the Cloud

Create private networks for your internal services. Using TeraSwitch Transport services we can deliver your networking to anywhere you need it.

Teraswitch Quality

We know you’ll be satisfied with our cloud, but rest easy with our 7-day money-back policy.

Need custom solutions or have an unusual requirement?

Teraswitch prides itself on its flexibility and ability to innovate. We can combine any of our solutions to get you the hybrid solution to meet your needs. Please inquire today for a consultation with our engineers.

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