Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh's best facility and network.

We’re able to give you an unbeatable experience in Pittsburgh. Our industry connections, knowledge, and local support ensure our Pittsburgh user base gets the latest technology and fastest services possible. Even if you’re not from Pittsburgh, you’ll want to be here as it’s an affordable and well-connected¬† alternative to New York, Ashburn, or Cleveland/Columbus.



A calming breeze.






Operational Excellence

Our facility is built and maintained by industry experts to meet and exceed compliance standards and guidelines. Our designs are well tested and ready to host any kind of infrastructure.

Carrier Neutral Facility

TeraSwitch offers direct access to all of Pittsburgh's carriers and transport providers. No matter who you choose to connect with, you'll be only feet away from their network.

Peering and Cloud Exchanges

If you're looking to peer with other businesses, carriers, or cloud services - our facility has it all. PIT-IX offers local connectivity, and with TeraSwitch you'll always have the PIT-IX connectivity for free.


High Density Efficiency

TeraSwitch offers the highest density colocation on the market. You no longer need to waste unpowerable space in your racks. Not only is our facility efficient when you maximize it, you can maximize it easily.