Span the globe in milliseconds, or feel like your server racks are right in your office!

Connectivity solutions provide high availability and scalable connectivity services across our global network and into your network. Combined with our route-optimized IP service, build the high-performance network your services require and your users demand.


In each of our offered locations, we provide a premium multi-homed network blend that is available to clients and backed by our Service Level Agreement of a 100% uptime guarantee.

TeraSwitch’s network is built to be highly redundant and resilient. We’re over-engineered and under-sold – you’ll never see congestion.

IP transit services include our standard DDoS Protection levels and receive optimized routing via enhancements to use the best upstream or peering route to get you to your destination quicker.


Looking for a limitless way to your colocation or cloud resources located at TeraSwitch?

TeraSwitch can offer several different types of transport services including dark fiber, DWDM, and Lit services with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 100Gbps from all of our PoP locations below.

If you’re anywhere near a TeraSwitch Point of Presence, we can affordably bring you all the connectivity capacity you’ll ever need.

Be at the center of the Internet.

Unlimited Connectivity

Unrivaled Redundancy

Just like our power systems, our network matches. We can connect you to completely diverse routers giving you an assured and reliable connection.

Over-built, under-utilized.

Our network is built with 10gbps connections at the minimum. We have no bottlenecks between you and the Internet. Use as much as you need at any time.

Monitored and Optimized

TeraSwitch always monitors connectivity, even issues out on the Internet are detected and mitigated from our side. Our route optimization and metric platforms are always watching.

Not just connected, but directly connected.

Connect to the internet with only one hop to the largest Internet backbones in the world.

Dark Fiber

Our local fiber options allow you to reach your HQ or office locations with blazing speeds. With almost zero failure points in between, dark fiber solutions can extend our data center to your desk.

Lit Services / MPLS

Looking for a SD-WAN/MPLS or other transport service? TeraSwitch has every major vendor already on-site and has existing relationships to get you extremely low cost connections anywhere in the world.

Transit - Get to the Internet

TeraSwitch offers the best high performance low-latency connectivity at the most affordable price. We have a large diversity of upstream providers and peering to give you an optimized connection to the entire Internet.

Transport - From us to you

Dark Fiber

If you're within 100 miles of one of our Point of Presence, you're within reach to get an unlimited speed connection.

Lit Service

If you need a fractional speed but still dedicated connection between the data center and you, our providers can get you here.

Custom Solutions

We're no stranger to unique situations, our engineers can solve any connectivity issue with a highly affordable design.