Our Network

Over-built and under-sold. We're rock solid to our core.

TeraSwitch’s network stretched the entire US to reach the closest points to European and Asian markets. We’ve built it from the ground up for reliability and performance.

Service Provider Class Network

Even our smallest locations have big-metal equipment. Our Juniper based network use EX switches at each rack, QFX switches at the core, and MX routers at the edge for Internet transit. 

International with a local touch

We use the best Tier 1 carriers for upstream connectivity, but at each of our location we connect to or host local Internet Exchanges (IXPs.) Our goal is always the most bandwidth with the lowest latency.

We're all about a low-cost, open, and neutral Internet.

Transit - From BGP to Static IPs

In each of our offered locations, we provide a premium multi-homed network blend that is available to clients and backed by our Service Level Agreement of a 100% uptime guarantee.

Transport - Express Mail Packets

TeraSwitch can offer several different types of transport services including dark fiber, DWDM, and Lit services with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 100Gbps from all of our PoP locations.