Public Services

Speedtest servers, linux mirrors, and more.

Looking for more ways to test out our network in the real world? TeraSwitch is proud to support numerous public services, such as a public Speedtest server, Linux repository mirrors, and more.

Speedtest Servers

TeraSwitch hosts a public speedtest server that can be easily accessible via Oklaa’s site. To select our server, simply type “TeraSwitch” in the server search page. Depending on your location, our server may be automatically selected for you.

The physical server running the SpeedTest has a 20 Gbps uplink to the core of our network. In fact, the server itself is actually one of our dedicated bare-metal servers, which you can order for yourself!

Distro Repository Mirrors​

TeraSwitch is proud to support open source projects by donating storage and bandwidth space to our publicly-accessible repository mirrors.

Having these mirrors on our local network also means your Linux server hosted at our data centers and the surrounding region can download packages faster than ever before.

Network Looking Glass

Want a deeper look into our network? Feel free to use our Looking Glass server, which allows you to do various network tests, from our core, to your destination.